Can You Order Spare Parts From Ikea

Can You Order Spare Parts From Ikea

Can You Order Spare Parts from IKEA


IKEA is known for its stylish and affordable furniture and home goods. However, even well-crafted items can sometimes require maintenance or replacement parts over time. If you’re wondering whether you can order spare parts from IKEA, the answer is yes! This article will guide you through the process of obtaining spare parts for your IKEA products, ensuring that your beloved furniture and appliances stay functional and attractive.

Why Order Spare Parts from IKEA?

The Importance of Genuine Parts

When it comes to maintaining your IKEA products, using genuine spare parts is crucial. These parts are designed specifically for your item, ensuring a perfect fit and preserving the original aesthetics and functionality. Genuine parts are manufactured to meet IKEA’s high-quality standards, giving you peace of mind that your furniture or appliance will continue to serve you well.

Easy Process for Ordering Spare Parts

Can You Order Spare Parts From Ikea is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

Identify the Item

Identify the name and model of the product you need a spare part for. This information can usually be found in the assembly instructions or on the product itself.

Visit the IKEA Website

Go to the official IKEA website and navigate to the “Customer Service” section. Look for the “Order Spare Parts” option.

Fill Out the Form

Fill out the spare parts request form. Provide accurate details about the product, including its name, model, and the specific part you need. Attach clear photos if required.

Review and Submit

Review the information you’ve entered and submit the request. IKEA’s customer service team will process your request and provide you with further instructions.

Cost and Availability

Understanding Costs

In most cases, IKEA provides spare parts at a reasonable cost. The price can vary depending on the type of part and its complexity. Keep in mind that while some smaller parts might be inexpensive, more complex components could be priced higher.


IKEA aims to ensure that spare parts are available for a reasonable period after a product is discontinued. This means you can still find the parts you need even if the item is no longer sold in stores.

DIY Installation vs. Professional Help

Installing Spare Parts

Once you receive the spare part, you’ll need to install it. Many parts come with clear instructions, allowing you to easily replace them yourself.

Professional Assistance

For more complex installations or if you’re unsure about the process, seeking professional help is a viable option. Local handymen or furniture technicians can ensure that the spare part is properly installed, preventing any further issues.

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In conclusion, ordering spare parts from IKEA is a convenient and cost-effective way to extend the lifespan of your furniture and appliances. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can easily obtain genuine parts and ensure that your beloved IKEA products continue to enhance your living space. Remember, proper maintenance and timely replacements can save you both time and money in the long run.